Installations at your Venue

Stade de France Clapham Grand

SSE Audio Group has vast experience in audio installations for a wide variety of venues including Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Theatres, Schools, Churches and Stadia.

We have installed systems and support many top clubs, pubs and public venues including Proud Galleries in Camdem, Aquum in Clpham and the Soho Theatre in London's West End.

Across the country, contracts include Aquarium in Lowestoft, Thirteen Degrees in Cheltenham and various venues operated by Eclectic Bars.

We install and maintain a large portfolio of venues operated by Novus Leisure, including nine TigerTiger clubs, venues operated by Beds an Bars and Morgans Hotel Group.

Increasingly venues are used for a variety of purposes, leading to different audio and visual requirements to suit the occasion.

It is logical that clients want a single supplier for audio, lighting and video. Whilst our heritage is in sound we have the resources and experience to deliver and service fully integrated solutions. HDMI matrixes allowing multiple video feeds to be distributed to individual monitors, restaurant mood lighting, dance floors are all part of the services we can offer.


Bose Modeler NRM

  A graphical sound coverage model from an installation   at the National Railway Museum, York.


Keeping your installation working is key and we have a dedicated On-Call service team to support you. They will be able to get you up and working as quickly as possible. With the support of SSE Audio Group's massive Hire Inventory we are able to supply replacement kit temporarily whilst your equipment is repaired.

Noise control is a concern for any venue. Maintaining volume levels where they are required whilst ensuring the sound does not spill outside is a primary factor when it comes to the design of an install. We use the latest software tools to create a virtual model of the venue and then acurately predict what the sound will be at any given point within the venue

Multi zone audio, dj interfaces, industry standard line systems, architectural issues, the list of requirements for an audio install is virtually endless. From the initial inquiry we will work with you to ensure we deliver the very best most cost effective solution for your venue.

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