Midas Heritage 1000

This package includes flightcase. Console is in excellent condition. The Heritage 1000 brings the unmistakable sound and legendary engineering quality of the Midas brand in a light and compact modular frame. Its sophisticated automation (like a mini XL4) makes it suitable for a variety of applications, but especially for theatres where space is often at a premium. On top of this Midas' Heritage 1000 Library Manager software allows sound designers the option of creating hundreds of scene snapshots in the comfort of their own home before rehearsals have even started. The standard 8-way matrix, which can be fed from auxiliaries, groups and masters, can be expanded to suit the largest zoning requirements.

The Heritage 1000 also enables traditional Midas customers to use their preferred brand of console for their smaller events, or even link to existing stocks of Heritage consoles for big, complex shows where large numbers of inputs are required (matrix outputs can be swapped for inputs). For smaller rental companies, the Heritage 1000 is the perfect vehicle for introducing Midas values and performance to a more price-sensitive area of the market.

Product Code: EHT-4782



- 40 Channel (36 mono & 4 stereo)
- 4 band semi-parametric EQ
- Direct Output
- SIS panning
- 10 Aux Sends
- 10 Audio Sub Groups
- 10 VCA's
- 10 Automute groups
- 15 x 8 matrix:outputs can be expanded to suit
- Automation: snapshot automation of VCA routing, mutes, all channel and VCA levels

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