Sound Installations by SSE

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'House on the Rock' is a Community Church in North London, installed by SSE Installations

We have built our reputation on sound for over 40 years. SSE Installations have a comprehensive range of pro audio products for on-site installation, small or large scale, backed by the rental, manufacturing and engineering resources of SSE Audio Group.

We can easily supply a complete PA system from names such as L-Acoustics and Bose, using equipment configurations that have been tried and tested as part of our our hire stock. We are one of Europe's leading suppliers of digital mixing consoles from Avid VENUE, Digico, Midas, Roland, Soundcraft, Yamaha as well as others. 

Discretion Assured

We install sound systems in:
entertainment clubs where the technology is expected to be 'loud and proud', flown from the ceiling for all to see;
places of worship where the system should be neither visually nor acoustically intrusive;
conference venues, such as hotels, restaurants, offices and embassies, where the system is hidden from view within fittings and furniture.

We design visually appropriate solutions, without compromising on sound quality.

Noise Management

Our engineers provide the highest quality audio to audiences, and do so within the parameters set by artistic directors, legal requirements and local licensing regulations. We: 
measure sound pressure levels within, around and outside a venue: 
explore the impact of different configurations in a venue using analysis and design software;
design control measures, including such features as equipment placement, acoustic isolation and zoning.

Our installations provide optimum listening at each audience point, be it a theatre seat or a dance floor, with minimum sound spillage and nuisance to other areas.

Zoned Audio Solutions

An increasing number of venues utilise zoned audio controls, enabling one or more audio source to be distributed to selected areas of the building. This can be combined with paging systems and pre-programmed music selection.  Not only are zoned systems the right solution of a 'Day-Night' venue, such as a club, it can be just as appropriate in a school, where staff need to be able to control sounds ranging from background music to paging in every area of the school.

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