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FOH at Leeds Festival

Peace of Mind

  Assembling the L-Acoustics Array
L-Acoustics K2 underhangs on a K1 array
  Hanging the Arrays for Leeds Festival
L-Acoustics K1 being flown for Leeds Festival

SSE HIRE brings the security of 40 years experience in the industry backed up by the support structure of the biggest Audio Rental Company in the UK. We understand that reliability is paramount for our equipment to ensure that "the show must go on."

Our hire stock is maintained to the highest standards. From our database we can track any item of equipment, from the date it was purchased, what it's been used for, any repair work undertaken and where it is at any given time. Not only does this mean we can plan efficiently to ensure that we always have the equipment we need to fulfill our hire commitments, but we know the life of a piece of kit and therefore can predict when it is time to replace an item with new stock.

At the end of a rental all equipment is checked back into the warehouse, cleaned, fully tested and repaired where necessary before being returned to the warehouse as good stock.

As part of the preparation for any rental package, the system is again tested before being dispatched.

On-site Support

SSE HIRE technicians are amongst the most experienced in the industry, ensuring that our systems are functioning perfectly from venue to venue. Each tour goes out with a spares package designed to keep the system up and running should a fault occur. Typically this includes replacement drivers for speaker cabinets, spare FOH rack equipment, redundant power supplies etc. For festivals it is common to have a complete spare digital console sat ready in the unlikely event a desk should go down.


On the rare occasions when the on site crew are unable to resolve an issue themselves then they are able to call on our support structure. Available 24/7 365 days a year, our Hire Project Managers and Service department are only a phone call away. Working together they will initially try to resolve the problem remotely but if this is unsuccesful devise a plan to source replacement equipment. With our massive hire inventory we usually have replacements on hand so if practical we will dispatch from one of our locations immediately. If this isn't possible we use our experience and relationship with manufacturers and hire companies to source an alternative locally.

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