Large Format Installations

London Velodrome 665

The Large Format team at SSE Installations specialise in the design and installation of audio systems and emergency evacuation systems in sports stadia, arenas, shopping malls and large spaces. Our qualified personnel have many years of experience in providing clients with technically compliant but cost-effective Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions.

Large Format Audio and Emergency Evacuation Systems

  Liberty Stadium Control Room
Control Room at  Swansea's Liberty Stadium
O2 Arena
Installation at London's O2 Arena

The design of PA / VA and performance sound systems for large venues, requires a range of disciplines and technologies. We use the latest electro-acoustic design software to assist in the development of the design and to assure the client of the performance of a sound system. In these applications, it is vital that systems are compliant with safety standards and the client's operational requirements as they are at the heart of the venue's emergency systems and play a central part in managing the public on site.

The team install PA and Voice Alarm systems for an ever growing range of applications and buildings including for offices, industrial buildings, the rail industry, leisure centres, as wekk as stadia and arenas. As part of the safety infrastructure of a building, we ensure that PA/VA systems use certified technologies and cabling systems with built in redundancy to ensure continuity of operation in the event of fire or other emergencies.

We have designed and installed software for a range of graphical interface touch screens, customised to the venue's layout, enabling complex audio networks to be managed very simply and intuitively.  As well as providing ease of use, these systems also contributes to overall site safety. 

We service and maintain PA and Voice Alarm systems on-site for a wide range of venue operators.

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