Mar 06, 2017

d&b Underneath the Arches at Omeara

SSE Audio has completed a multi-room d&b audiotechnik installation at Omeara in Southwark London.

Omeara is one of London’s newest live music venues, situated south of the Thames in the Borough of Southwark. The 350 capacity venue occupies three railway arches under the main railway line into London Bridge Station.

  Mumford and Sons
Mumford and Sons at Omeara

The Pretenders have also graced the stage

Omera Live Room
The Live Room at Omeara

The venture has been put together by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons and is managed by the band’s tour manager George Sewell. Key to the venue was the requirement for a high performance, rider-friendly audio system for the visiting artists.

The three arches provide three separate spaces within the venue, a live performance room, a bar complete with DJ booth and a gallery/exhibition space. The three rooms each required their own audio systems.

SSE Sales Manager Peter Codron who is also SSE's d&b Audiotechnik specialist, managed the installation at Omeara. Peter recommended a contract rental solution, which had the benefit of reducing the initial capital outlay for the new venture, making a high end solution that much more attainable.

Live Room

SSE designed a system for the live room around the d&b V-Series, utilising d&b V7P point source cabinets left and right, with a Y10 cabinet for centre fill. Four d&b V-G Subs were incorporated into the stage apron and the whole system was powered by d&b D80 amplifiers. At front of house the venue specified a Midas PRO 2 digital mixing console linked to a Midas DL251 I/O unit on stage.

The Bar

In the bar d&b Y7P cabinets were installed for background music and DJ sets with the low end taken care of by a d&b V-G sub. The bar features a mezzanine level, so SSE installed d&b E5 cabinets here to ensure even coverage throughout the room.

The Gallery

This space required a system that was primarily for background music so here four E8 cabinets were installed along with a B6 sub. d&b D20 amplification was used throughout for both the bar area and the gallery.

Although the three rooms are each designed for specific functions, the system has been designed to be flexible. Audio can be routed throughout the building to meet the needs of events.

Peter Codron explained, “Overall system processing and control for the three rooms is via a single BSS Soundweb unit. The venue is split into zones and the Soundweb can route any audio input to any output. So for example there could be a band playing in the live room and their set could be relayed into the bar, while simultaneously background music could be routed independently to the gallery space. Each zone has independent level control which can be adjusted by the venue staff."

Omeara opened in October 2016 and has quickly established itself as a live venue on the London gig circuit, playing host to a number of high profile artists including the Pretenders and - not surprisingly - Mumford and Sons.

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