Electro-Acoustic Design

Dome Render-320x187 Waterfront EASE SPL Rev 7 3D 260906-0001

One of the pivotal areas of Voice Alarm (VA) system design is the loudspeaker type and quantity to be used within a given acoustic environment.

The type of loudspeaker used, its placement and quantity, will define the required power level within the space to reproduce the expectant SPL (sound pressure level) and intelligibility factor (STI).

The amplifier power required to drive the loudspeaker load is formulated from this loudspeaker data. Subsequently the required battery size and charger details to support the amplifier system are also calculated, along with the physical size of rack enclosure used to house all the relevant equipment.

Therefore it is important to select the correct loudspeaker for the project as inaccurate selection at the design stage may have cost and performance implications within the design scheme of the system components.

ETASound has experienced and qualified electro-acoustic design engineers that can design and predict the performance of the loudspeakers within the given acoustic space. This function is achieved through acoustic modelling, where all the relevant 'room' dimension and finishes data are entered. The room is drawn via vectors in a 3D format into a software based acoustic design program. This software allows the user to manipulate the room and simulate differing types of loudspeaker and placement to achieve maximum performance, to enhance the loudspeaker and therefore the system efficiency.

This method also allows the client to appreciate the budget requirements for a BS compliant system design, in an understandable pictorial manner.

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