Packaging & Customisation

Engraving for Plasa-665

Plug & Play Connectivity

With the support of its manufacturing division, Sigma Fabrications, SSE sales are able to supply audio solutions in individually tailored packages which are ready to "plug and play". Years of experience built up in the world of touring produces systems which are packaged so they can be deployed with the minimum of effort as quickly as possible.

  Routed wheelboard
Routed Wheelboard

Engraved I O Panel

Engraved I/O Panels

Screen printing

Soundcraft Screen Printing

For example, amplifiers when supplied in a rack come with patch panels so all connections are at the front for simplicity. Mains distribution is built in and circuit breakers are installed where necessary.

Patch panels can be custom made to the exact specifications required. XLR's, jacks, RJ45s, even fibre connections can all be incorporated, company branding can be engraved into the metal work along with any labeling required such as channel numbers, etc.

State Of The Art Facilities

The facilities available to the manufacturing team in Sigma Fabrications are second to none. Routers, CNC, CAD, spray booths, everything you would expect in a modern production facility are available in the departments Redditch location.

All these mean that SSE Audio Group are able to meet their manufacturing requirements for their hire, sales and installations departments efficiently and cost effectively whilst delivering products of the highest quality to the minimum of tolerances.

The tooling of the facility means that Sigma Fabrications are able to customise items to meet a cleints requirements. From a complete bespoke entertainment centre, engraved I/O panels to branding, the facility can produce products customised to exactly what the customer requirements.

Logos and Branding

Using the CNC equipment, clients logos can be routed onto surfaces, this proves particularly popular with items such as wheelboards.

For finer detail work the engraving machine can produce precision images, logos and descriptions into metal fascias up to 6U in height, enabling clients racks and panels to be clearly laid out customised.

Foam inserts in flightcases are now precision cut on a special CNC machine by the Protect team at Wigwam...(more)

Flightcases can be stenciled up with the clients logos, we produce the initial stencil using the engraving machine, thus meaning we can reproduce any logo with 100% accuracy. For larger projects such as flightcase production for major manufacturers screen printing is used to apply the manufacturers logo.

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