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Foundry Video Controls

A good venue installation will enable venue operators to control the audio, or where applicable audio visual outputs with ease. At its simplest, this could involve the placement of wall-mounted volume controls, but equally, it could involve selecting from a whole range of audio visual sources on a touch screen and allocating these to a variety of screens and speakers in rooms across your venue.


BSS Control

Wall control & processor from
BSS Soundweb London




3-Foundry Audio Controls 665

Custom touch-screen controls by SSE


 iPad Control of Crestron

iPad control of sound, lighting and video.






Bose ESP

Bose ControlSpace ESP


Bose cc64

Bose CC64 wall control

Relatively complex control can be achieved using processing equipment from BSS Soundweb London, QSC Q-Sys, or Crestron; but SSE Installations can go well beyond this to help you find the best and most cost effective control and automation solution for your venue.

Based at SSE’s Northern Office in Heywood, we have our Control & Automation Design and Programming team, who specialise in this work, designing touch-screen graphical user interfaces tailored for your venue and programming digital processors to deliver the logic for your system.

The range of applications is endless, but to give you some ideas that could be applicable to your own venue, the following scenarios have been provided in association with SSE's Control & Automation Design & Programming Team.

A Multi-Room Live Music Venue at a University


To provide audio signal routing and sound level management of PA systems for non-technical staff across three linked university venues. In addition, to provide similar control of screen content on 26 LCD screens and 3 video projectors, enabling the client to achieve some complex image mapping with the projectors.


SSE provided a 27” touch screen to control the whole installation, with a graphical user interface in the form of venue floor plans, showing the location and status of the installed sound and video equipment. Users can select sources and destinations using a very intuitive display.

In addition, presets can be set up to recall various group selections.

Audio routing and control was achieved using BSS Soundweb equipment, but SSE also devised a way to interface the Soundweb processors to a Kramer video switcher, so providing an extremely cost effective but integrated control system.

It is also possible to control the system from an iPad screen, so an operator can set up audio and video remotely, while walking around the venue.

See Custom Control for Sheffield University


Integrating AV Control with Building Management Systems at a National Museum


To provide an ‘audio landscape’ of atmospheric sound effects across a range of large exhibits in a national museum. In addition some projection screen control was required, but the hardest challenge was to enable the new installation to ‘talk’ to the existing museum environmental control system so all AV sources would power up and down during opening hours and automatically start up when visitors were present.


A multi-zone Bose PA system was used to provide audio coverage, while the system is managed using Bose ESP. This was modified by SSE, with custom-made TTL buffer relays switched via signals from the ESP. This enables integration with the house EBU, so systems automatically shut down out of hours and a video projector is controlled in a two-step process, enabling a soft start and a delay before the lamp comes on.

Password-protected Bose CC64 touch panels were provided, both inside and outside the server room, enabling museum staff access to controls.

See Atmospheric Sound at National Railway Museum




Stadium graphics and touch-screen control

Match Day Control at a Sports Stadium


Effective control is vital for modern sports stadia, where the public address system is the primary evacuation tool and as such has to meet the most stringent standards for licencing and safety. Stadium staff needed a system that is robust, fail-safe and simple to use, with facilities for simple paging from reception through to match day control of all areas and Fire Chief overrides.


Working in association with stadium PA/VA specialist Eddie Thomas of ETA Sound, the Control Design and Programming Team in Bradford developed a control solution base on a QSC Q-Sys Core processing system.

A touch screen paging unit in the Match Control room displays a graphical layout of the stadium, so paging a specific area is completely intuitive. The programming provides a wide range of presets, so safety procedures can be followed with minimal manual control required. Since installation was completed, a small modification provides for automatic cueing of a recording of the call of a Peregrine Falcon at fixed intervals, which has proved successful in the control of pigeons in and around the stadium.

See ETASound Upgrades Liberty Stadium Sound System

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