About SSE Risers

SetDeck Risers used for Celine Dion

SSE Risers is part of our rental division and supplies stage risers, decking and sets for one-off events, tours and festivals. We are able to provide anything from a simple rolling-riser for a drum kit to a full stage set.

We have been established for many years, working alongside SSE Hire, although we are often asked to provide risers and sets for events and tours quite separately from any audio requirements.


Haydn Festival SetDeck
Haydn Festival, Tiered Staging
UB40 Rolling SetDeck
UB40, Rolling Risers
Stevie Wonder SetDeck
Stevie Wonder, Stage Layout

Full Set Design

We can design and build a full scale stage set with multiple levels and customised features provided by our in-house manufacturing facility.

Moving elements can be added as all decks can be fitted with wheels, particularly usefull for rapid scene changes.


The risers we rent out - whether as a few stand alone decks or as part of a full stage set design - are based on our modular SetDeck riser system. Manufactured by SSE and with a design based on many years of touring experience, these extremely robust risers are compact, easy to transport and quick and easy to set up.

SetDeck is a complete stage riser system, comprising a series of low-profile decks that interlock to form whatever size of platform is required. To the decks, legs can be quickly attached to achieve heighs from a few inches to eight feet hire or more.

SetDeck comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with the majority of our large hire stock covered in hard wearing grey carpet to provide a neat and instant finish. For more details, see the Sidebar.


SSE Risers and SetDeck are trading names of SSE Audio Group Limited

Registered in England No 1542797. Registered Office: Burnt Meadow House, North Moons Moat, Redditch B98 9PA, England.

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