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MELPOMEN SA is a French audio, lighting and video company, founded in the early 1980s, providing rental systems for tours and events.  In 2001 Melpomen joined SSE Audio Group, providing a pan-European rental operation.


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Melpomen operates from three offices in France - in Nantes (headquarters), Paris and La Rochelle. In 2011 Melpomen took over MES Eclairages, a well established lighting rental company, also based in Nantes.  With the addition of a Video Systems department in 2012, Melpomen now offers a full range of rental, sales and installation services spanning the performance technologies of sound, light and video.

Although Melpomen is known historically as a specialist audio provider, the company has always worked closely with the important complementary services of lighting and video.  The growing trend throughout much of Europe is to integrate the three disciplines, so the rental needs of clients can be met with a single supplier.

Melpomen can call on the vast hire stock of the combined SSE Audio Group with systems from Nexo, L-Acoustics and Meyer available along with the huge inventory of digital consoles from DiGiCo, Avid, Midas, Yamaha and Soundcraft.

Production managers for European tours can budget effectively as pricing is in Euros and therefore not affected by exchange rate fluctuation.

Melpomen's website (in French) can be found at www.Melpomen.net.

UK enquiries regarding Melpomen should be made to SSE headquarters in Redditch in the first instance.

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